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Representative Rena Moran
MN House Ways and Means Committee Chair

“It is truly my honor and pleasure to endorse Huldah Hiltsley for Minnesota State Senate district 38! Huldah is an exceptional and effective leader who has a proven record of advocating for voting rights, economic opportunity, gender, racial and social equity. Her commitment to her community is a testament of her passion and drive to serve.


It’s in this time and age that we need a leader rooted in family, community and service. I have no doubt that Huldah will be the kind of leader who will be intentional about seeking out new ideas and different perspectives, will weigh the alternatives and consider possible outcomes while collaborating with key stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions that will meet the needs of her district.


I have known her to be resourceful, approachable, engaged and genuinely committed to governing well. She is a doer and a go-getter and acts on her commitments. She is the voice that has been missing in the Minnesota Legislature and is highly qualified for the seat. I believe she is the person for the moment, in a moment that needs her. I believe she is the one that we have been waiting for as the first Black woman in the Minnesota Senate!

Hollies Winston

CEO and Founder - Guaranteed America

Brooklyn Park Mayoral Candidate

"Huldah's dedication to community has been evident even long before she decided to run for office. Her attributes of brilliance, empathy, kindness and hard work are qualities that are needed at the Capitol, and I know she will be a stellar advocate for all communities in SD 38. I am inspired by her proven commitment to DFL values, and I am proud to endorse her candidacy."

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Jeffrey Chui

Kenyan Diaspora Community Leader

I have had the pleasure to work and see Mrs. Hiltsley take on issues in our community and stay steadfast in dealing with those issues. This is the quality that will be needed when dealing with the great diverse citizens in district 38. Her honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community's problems and needs, her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns really sets her apart from the other candidates, and so I am writing today to express my support for her campaign and my intention to spread the word to others of the value of her policies and abilities.


Hassannen Mohamad
Past Chair Human Rights Commission
and Planning Commissioner, SD 38 resident

I have known Huldah as a compassionate and thoughtful leader in our communities. She has been a great advocate for local issues in her organization as the president of Mwanyagetinge. She also has a stellar record of getting various recognitions of her work from being a political science, business, and reconciliation studies graduate from Bethel University. Her work acumen and involvement in empowering women and girls in Kenya is outstanding. I have confidence in her ability to lead and serve our senate district.


Please cast your vote for Huldah and tell others about her!

Tamara Grady
Osseo District 279 School Board
I proudly endorse Huldah Hiltsley for MN Senate. Huldah's leadership is grounded in the values of hard work and connecting with the community. As a young child, her family was directly impacted by Paul Wellstone's compassion and advocacy. Huldah will bring these values and represent each and every constituent at the Minnesota senate.


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Rep. Cedrick Frazier
State Representative District 45A
It is truly an honor to endorse Huldah Hiltsley because I believe she is a clear representation of the people she is running to serve! Huldah has proven time and time again she has the ability to build vibrant cross-cultural collaborative partnerships that are needed to get things done.
While she will be the first black woman elected to the Minnesota Senate, my support is based on her exceptional ability to inspire and mobilize people to action. Her resilience, hard work, dedication and follow through is admirable.

She is a transformative servant leader who will champion policies that will bring the change we all want to see. District 38 is truly lucky to have a candidate who embodies the best in all of us.

Cedrick Frazier.jpg
Thomas Brooks
Osseo District 279 School Board
Huldah is the leader we DESERVE. She is committed to elevating the voices of educators, students, and families and will champion policies that will bring needed funding to our school district and community.

Huldah will promote a thriving environment for our scholars that is safe and welcoming for all. She believes that every student deserves a quality, equitable education that is tailored to their needs in order to succeed.

SD 38 is fortunate to have a leader like Huldah who brings integrity, understating, compassion, and is not afraid to put in hard work to get things done.

Christian Eriksen
Broooklyn Park Human Rights Commissioner
City Council Candidate

Huldah is a transformational servant leader. In the time I have known her I have seen her encourage the disappointed, sit beside the lonely, hold up the weary, and cross a room to kindly engage her detractors. She believes in the dignity and worth of every Minnesotan and that relationships are of great importance, even with those with whom she disagrees.

She is willing to do what she believes is right, even if it carries personal political risk. I look forward to her leadership in the Minnesota Senate and have already proudly cast my primary ballot for Huldah Momanyi Hiltsley.

Representative Hodan Hassan
State Representative District 62A


I give Huldah Hiltsley my highest endorsement to be the next Minnesota State Senator for Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, and Osseo. Her extensive education, life experience, and passion for community work pairs perfectly with her business sense, unwavering work ethic, and leadership skills. Huldah is passionate about listening to her community and putting plans into action. She is a compassionate leader, and will be a strong voice for her community and for the best interests of Minnesota. It's time for leadership like Huldah's. Vote Huldah for Senate.

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